Flux Capacitor WIP (updated)

Finally got a good reference pic from the dvd.


Im wondering what else to add as far as details go before I start on the casing. I might add in screws or a few wires maybe.

Heres my reference…

This is my nurbs/bevel learning project.


…phew…allways wanted to use that :smiley:

Anyways, are you making your own version of it or somewhat true to the actual thing? Either way your on the right track.

Reason i ask is coz you seem to have gone the way of making the inner parts as tubes where as the ref pic looks more like hard, glowing flat bands that hold up some sort of fuse system or something.

But anyways, you’ve definitely got something there :wink:

I’m making them tubes instead of flat boards. The ‘close up’ prop used in that shot isn’t as cool as the others used in the driving models of the car, which have tubes. I might be wrong, call it artistic interpretation if I am. Changing that part wouldnt take more than a few minuts anyways if I decide later on that it would look better.

Here are a few sites with fan made props that feature tubes.



Put in some textures. Not my best area.