FluxCapacitance - Traditional Gallery

Goofing around in Krita.


Train in paper & ink and postpro in Krita.

Chrysler Windsor from the museum I used to work at. Prismacolor pencils.

Grasshopper drawn in Paint Shop Pro 6 several years ago. Digital painting was brutal back then.


Pencil drawn from a photograph in one of my WW2 aircraft books.

Some paper sculptures designed in Blender.


Clone in sculpey. 6" tall.

Ok, I’m done posting. :slight_smile:


Very nice!

Nice work!:slight_smile:

I love the paper sculpture planes! Any tuts or tips on how they are made? Using a UV unwrap etc?

There’s a couple ways of doing it. There’s an addon for Blender that unfolds geometry for paper crafts, but I’ve never used it. Here’s my workflow:

  1. Blender: Modelling & Texturing (export obj. file)
  2. Pepakura Designer: Unwraps geometry, creating automatic glue tabs. I then export .bmp. Try out the demo.
  3. Pepakura wants extra for high resolution, so I go through the textures and clean them up again in 2D.

It’s a bit like 3D printing. Your hands and tools have to fit, so you’ll need a bit of design intent.

Thank you. I’ll start simple I think.

Samorost Style Digital Painting

Nice work all around, bookmarked!

Hey nice painting! Method?

Just used several layers in Krita. Got inspired today after watching Eytan Zana’s tutorial on youtube.


Thanks, thats really neat to see a break down.

Light study of Roman soldier.

Very nice lighting there, helps the colors with the contrasts

Liked Shaddi Safadi’s composition of a war scene. Couldn’t resist an overpaint after seeing the new Star Wars trailer. :slight_smile:


Composition in Blender and painted over in Krita.

Here’s one of an impala in Krita. Timelapse link below.