Flv output in 2.55

i’m runing 2.55 on ubuntu 10.10 and windows 7
but can’t render output in Flv(Flash video) format
when i hit render(Animation)
“Error initializing video stream” messeges apear
is there any solutions?

I haven’t got a fix for you - but I can suggest a work around

render out the animation as an image sequence
then load the image sequence in an older version of Blender that the flv isn’t broken
then render it out from the sequencer

I know it’s not the answer you were expecting but it will get you out of a pickle if you are in fact in a pickle

Download any other beta version, that still have the support for flv…


Sorry, download the 2.5 alpha…

I dont know why they take the render option to flv in 2.57, it was so usefull, I render straight in flv and import in flash, just awesome workflow…

Sorry, to correct myself again, in newer versions of 2.5, just generate in mpeg with the flv format in encoding…