.flv to .mpg or similar?

I have downloaded a video from youtube in .flv format with FF’s VideoDownloader and I wish to have it in a format readable by most video players.
Do you know of any software that can do that? I found Riva Producer but I distrust it (why would they have a license agreement in German when their software is in English, unless they have something to hide).

super C seems to work OK for me


the only problems I have had is with converting stuff to VOB but I think it was a DVDStyler issue not this program

FFMPEG and MPlayer/Mencoder.

I may sound stupid for asking, but how the hell do I download this super C? I click the “download” link and it gives me the same page.
Keep in mind that I have a script blocker, so maybe that’s preventing anything.

I’ll take a look at yours, skottish. Thanks :wink:

why don’y you just use vlc media player to open the file?

It’s by far the easiest solution…especially when you decide that you want to download more vids from youtube…

I’m not wanting to watch it on my computer, but I need the video on a dvd that can be read an played by a DVD reader (the ones for a tv).

@Skottisch: If I’m not mistaken, both are PLAYERS but can’t CONVERT between file formats.

The Super© download page is a bit confusing, so here’s a direct link to the program itself :wink:

Link: http://updat4.free.fr/3D99A2FEABB212223F314FF/SUPERsetup.exe

(Super© has proven to be an excellent tool, and one I can’t live without)

Happily, you’re mistaken.

This command for FFMPEG will work:

ffmpeg -i input_video.flv -acodec copy -vcodec mpeg2video -b 2000K output_video.mpg

This will create a 2000KB/s mpeg2 video with the original audio intact (probably mp3 with flv). You can change the bitrate for better video. You can also transcode the audio. Mencoder, which is part of MPlayer, will do the same thing. There is extensive documentation on both programs.


Thanks for that. You’re right - it’s a great proggy.
Just one question: when I try to convert to .mpg, the sound doesn’t match the video. What could be wrong?

@Skottisch: thanks for your help, but I’ve chosen Super©. But thanks for your effort anyway :wink:

Can you provide the youtube link to the vid you are converting, along with the settings you have chosen within Super© (Or a screengrab even).

I just did a quick test (as I don’t actually use Super© for mpeg-2 encoding)… and the audio sync’d fine with me.

The vid can be found here (it contains graphic images showing breast cancer so be warned!).
My settings were:

Okay, couple of things I’d change. (Since you’ve chosen 25fps, I’ll assume it’s a PAL resolution file you desire as the end result)

  • Change the encoder from MEncoder to ffmpeg
  • Since you intend for the video to be put on a DVD, change the audio output from mp3 to AC3
  • Switch off the 48K audio option (I’ve seen this option pose audio problems with low-bitrate files before)
  • Set the video size manually to 720x576 and leave the aspect at 5:4
  • Set the audio sampling frequency from 44100 to 48000 (DVD standard)
  • Set the audio bitrate to either 320kbs or 384kbsI’m off to the shops just now, but I imagine that making these changes will result in a pretty decent PAL resolution MPEG-2 file that is DVD compliant. (well, as good as a video from youtube will ever be :))

Thanks PolygoneUK, that made my day.
Works perfectly now.