Fly by animation

I made this some time ago but I just signed up a youtube so expect a few animations from me

I used tarragen and blender and virtualdub. It was a blender sequence editor test or try out. The land scape is near me and was made from dem data that I used in tarragen.
This is a terragen render of the same landscape
A few people that have been to this spot thought this was a photo.

Looks quite good. Action is a bit too rapid I thought.


ya boost up the frame rate so i goes slower.

The aeroplane kinda destroys reality for me. Also blocks a lot of vision…


Here is another version with no airplane and no Blender I slowed down the frame rate and now its jumpy. I know this is not really finished just some tests I did with the sequence editor and a Terragen clip. Its been taking up space on my drive and I thought I might show it. For me the most interesting thing is how much this looks like the real place. I have been all over both of the mountains by the lake. The dem data is fun to play with.
Seems the only long one I have has some weird motion blur.