Fly me to moon -the steam punk rocket

(I was not entirely sure if this piece should be posted here, as it was rendered in Marmoset Toolbag and textured in Substance Painter. The model though is 100% done in Blender. But, delete this post if this was not an approriate item.)

So I made this little rocket to teach myself bit of the pbr workflow. It is intended as a hero item for the pc/console side of things. Not planning to make a game around it though, just having fun with the pbr stuff.

Sketchfab port here:



cool. I have been thinking about getting a copy of substance painter. I have a copy of deep paint 3D, which is essentially the same thing, on my old machine, but I rarely use my old machine anymore. Nice model / textures.

Nice chubby rocket and a classic cheesy moon :slight_smile:

Not quite. I just had to do some extensive searching to find Deep Paint 3D. The Substance site has a whole bunch of introduction and how-to/tutorials. I think if you watch through a few of those you will find that the only similarity they share is the ability to paint on a model.

The rocket looks really good. Is it all hand painted?