Fly Mode

(dmoc) #1

Ummm, didn’t know there was a “fly” mode (shift-f) :-?

(MaceG) #2

Cool, ain’t it?

(dmoc) #3

Yep, but a haven’t figured out how to control it yet. Makes you wonder what else is lurking in there.

(dfl) #4

Left mouse button = forward
Right mouse button = reverse
Alt key = ascend
Ctrl key = descend

Have fun! :smiley:

(haunt_house) #5

Mousecursor at the left half of the screen: turn left
Mousecursor at the right half of the screen: turn right
Mousecursor at the upper half of the screen: look up
Mousecursor at the lower half of the screen: look down
middle- and leftmousebutton: stop

(Caronte) #6

And the most important:

ESC = Exit fly mode and the camera is back to the old position

SPACE = Exit fly mode and the camera stay on the current position


(haunt_house) #7

wow :o

(theeth) #8

Another funny thing: I was trying to triangulate and convert in quads (ctrl-t, shift-j) and it poped up: “Do you really want to crash?” with the option “Oh Yeah”. This only happen once (five minutes ago), so I’m not sure if I’m halucinating or anything…

PS: that was in Publisher 2.25.

(dmoc) #9

Yes, Pub 2.25 and the controls don’t seem to work as described above :-?

PS: I think tips like these where others have chipped in are great and should be stored in a “User Tips” section.