I know blender quite well.
however i have never used game blender.

all I want to do is do a fly-through of a scene (eg: no controls, just a camera) and export it to an exe.

I would assume this would be quite easy if i already had everything set up.

eg: I have the fly-through prepared in blender, I just wish to make it a runtime opengl self-contained exe rather than rendering it as an avi.

could someone point me in the right direction?

you have to have blender 2.25 and installed the key.
then pack the textures(if you want) and klick on file make runtime.(and olso check the runtime option :wink: )
you know how to make the camera move around in the scene right?
annyways that is easy.
Il show you if you dont know

Try to make a camera with an animation, like it flies trough the scene. Then select the camera, and add a Always sensor, connected to the 2th logic brick, that’s connected to a actuator with the option Ipo animation.
Then connect them dragging a line to each point to connect them. Add the option on the ipo actuator, where the animation starts and end, then set to play and your done. When you make an animation, try to make it loop :smiley:

…after you’ve made your fly thruogh do the following:

  1. Open tools tab and select pack (this packs all your textures, sounds etc into the one file - you actually don’t have to do this step if your not going to move your executable file, however if you do move it and its not packed you’ll lose your textures etc)

  2. Open file tab, select save as dynamic runtime.

  3. A drop down window opens allowing you to choose where you’ll save your exe file.

  4. After choosing your file destination, enter a name (Blender will add the exe extension) and click on ‘write dynamic runtime’ button.

  5. You’re done. Now goto your newly created exe and double click. Only it won’t work because you need the fmod.dll and the python20.dll file in the same directory as your exe. These dynamic link libraries (dll) ship with Blender, try a search on your hard drive - they’ll be there somewhere.

What would be the advantage of making it a dynamic runtime as opposed to a self contained exe file?

you can use external python dlls?

I think there may be something else, but it escapes me at the moment. it was probably related to playing ogg or mp3 or something