Flyakiteosx is a pack of utilities to make your Windows computer look and behave like Mac OS X. It doesn’t have too much to do with 3D modeling, but at least now you can model in style:).

Guess it takes up quite some CPU power? Never seen any Windows Mac OS X
emulation that didn’t…

Then I’d rather model in plain old 98 style…heh :slight_smile:
//The M.h.p.e.

as a happy flyakiteosx-user, i don’t think it needs any cpu-power - it simply replaces the windowtheme- and icons with nice polished osx-items. i never saw any differences in performance. it’s not like Stardock WindowFX, which i have running right now. THAT takes some CPU - but nevertheless looks very nice, which is not too bad when staring at your monitor all day. Windows Default Theme makes you depressive after a while…

The M.h.p.e, no, this thing doesn’t emulate Quartz or anything like that, it is just a skin.
stulliDPB, I have been having problems with the dock program and Blender. The dock seems to want to take the entire 1/10th of the screen for its own personal uses and doesn’t let me push any of Blender’s buttons that are there. Have you had this problem?

hi ryan ritch! as i do not use the dock i don’t have this problem. but i just tried it, and no, i do not have this problem. you can make the dock smaller, place it to top or bottom so it doesn’t block the blender buttons. but i am so used to the normal taskbar that i find the dock confusing.

I opened the flyakite and installed it, and I got frustrated at the dock being over blender’s interface. I read the page that was on my desktop, and it said that if you click on the seperator in the dock, you can alter the layout/size, and that is where I found the option to have the dock under the open program instead of on top. After that, I had no problem making my way around my computer again:D
Wait til I show my buddy with the MacG5, he’s gonna flip!
I like the graphics, but I chose to keep the shadow to a minimum, since it costs a little with my puny graphics support.
Also, I found out if you drag too many items to the dock, the dock stretches wider than is viewable, and then I can’t get to the items on extreme right and left.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention!!!

Thanks, I think that I got it figured out. Now I am going to try to find an application to mimic Expose, one of my favorite parts of the Mac OS.

Altogether, it is pretty amazing how well they have mimiced the Mac OS. I am still amazed at the novelty of seeing the OS X toolkit and icons on my desktop. It may not be the real thing, but maybe it will tide us over until we can buy that Mac of our dreams:).