FlyBoard racers

I’ve just started three days ago. The movemented are operted throgh vehicle wrapper python class, thanks to “tutorials for blender”. I’m still lokking for some fixes to make the board more stable but at the same time give possibility to make acrobatics in the air (and then falling well)

There are 26 medals in the scene. Try to beat my record of 2:42 in picking all of them up.
The final game will include a race between player and bots. This is only a “sandbox” scenary.

Here is the .blend file 6,28 MB

Well, I didn’t play it, bt it looks cool! 2 thumbs up! To do tricks all you would have to do is make the armature play an animation, while an empty controls all the physics of the guy, and the empty could have a ray casted downward to see if the trick should crash. But if the trick is just about comeplete, then he lands safely. Get what I mean?

Yes, i’ll first make that attempt

I just started a skateboard game 3 days ago :P, got stuck on the character though, modeled it all but the head :stuck_out_tongue:
Something like Tony Hawks imitation but simpler and of course free, hope i can get it somewhere :slight_smile:

Keep it up! Only that the character polys seem too high and i fear when you add the environment its gonna get too slow

I’ve noticed it now! Only the eyest take 2 of the 8k vertexes. I’ll correct it.