Flyby of up-coming RPG-MMO kit + Populous tutorial

Hi all…

Doing a tutorial together with an old friend, After the tutorial all the stuff plus lots more are going to be released to the public with a Creative Commons licence.

Can be used in the blender game engine as well…

I will be doing a small Legend of Zelda like game… Topdown, 1mapsquare/dungeon room at a time. I like joystick adventures, and always wanted to make one,

Here is the youTube flyby video:
THe entire scene is 6100 polys 8)

Yet another video

sorry for the grainy xvid… I did not know that youtube resized videos… next video i will have the exact window size,

here are a few stillshots… I will leave them up for a few hours tonight, untill I re-skin them again…

If there is a building style you would like to see in the pack, just leave a link to a photo, and I will see what I can do…

Your models look awesome. Great texturing job!

Thanks man…

You are seeing 2 skins…

both are just 512x512…the entire house i maped to just 1 texture. so reskinning is a snap!

I plan on 2 more to make things look less generic… plus lots more geometry/mesh styles :slight_smile:

Glad you like them Ven0mSevenX

Great textures and very nice poly count!

Heh, Awesome job man! Perhaps something for the Need a Town Thred? hehe.

Heh, hope you have been studying your BGE python, because something as ambitius as that will be murder with logic bricks alone.

The houses are textured well, but something needs to be done in the “variety” section (as you noticed), especially since I think this is the first time I was ever bored by a 1:20 youtube video.

Also, while "RPG"s are relativelly easy, for your “MMO” part of the “kit”, you’re going to need a net programmer. I’m sure you know that already though.

Good luck.

/me slaps social! You know who you talking to foo! Hes tha juggernat bi%$#!

hehe, I think p00f is is of the few people here who can tackle something like this. I give my full support bro! I dont know why peeps hate on logic bricks…they are good if you are good…

*A few secconds after “slapping” Social, Enriqolonius was confused when he started to feel a sharp pain in his back.

He just couldn’t understand that the “ninja like” development speed, precision, and sheere power of python allowed Social to break his spine in 9 different places.

Ahem, now, as I was saying: The MMO part would require python (because afaik there is no “make my game MMO” actuator), everything else I’m sure he can do with logic bricks.

The whole community is here to support him if he needs help.

HAHAHAHAHA! thats funny. for the video, it looks cool, nice mapping skillz, but the cool part is flyby mode…so fun.

Hehe! Thanks for the Suppoort guys!

well, the above the the results of 6 hours of skining and modeling…

here is another 4, all of which are going to be in the pack

A bit more detail in them,
and once again everything is mapped to a single 512x512 texture!

The crappy shadows are from the blender raytracer, and the default lamps… I will save the nice renders for the ingame footage.

well hopefully with any luck, We will have some ingame footage later today.

We may be releasing a new text system to the BGE in the next few days…
All I have to do is finish up the .TTF font files, so people have a legal way to add fonts to their game… They can just hand paint bitmaps too, in case they dont want to install CYGWIN and FontForge.

I cant wait to get this kit done.

Nice, say thanks to the mystery programmer for me, for doing all the great work. Finally, we can have some decent text support.


I almost forgot the organic $h!t…

Here we are rendered in Crystalspace, without HDR or shadows enabled: (The shadeing you see is vertex only, not shadow mapped)
The shadows are already pained on, so they are all ready to use in the blender game engine.

Not the greatest trees in the world, but every one is under 200 polys…

The pine tree is the most pathetic,
Looks like it needs water :stuck_out_tongue:

well, anyways, you can see there is a bunch of work to be done…

All the tree skins and leafs where hand painted by me in Zbrush, without any photos (except for refrence,which did not help much as you can see from the anorexic pinetree)

The palm/coconut ones are getting better, thicker frawns as well…

I may do a few from photos, after I get a new digital camera… here in hawaii we have lots of plants I can share with the world…

The terrain pack might get released later on today, after I go over re-doing all the terrain skins to a single 1024x1024 image with my partner.

If I missed any type of tree that you would like to see, just post a link to a photo, and I will try harder than I did with the stup!d pine tree :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn p00f! Either you work extremely fast or you had all of this made before you posted. Either way, nice work, I especially like the flowers.

Yea… the terrain and stuff was done quite a while ago.
I have been saveing it for my next project.

Playing with the Blender game engine stopped all my textureing work because of the limmitations… i just used Vertex paint for Brix and Zody, and all my other BGE projects to keep it from choking.
Now that Ogre is getting close, I feel like it is time to give it up for the new people.

I have a new way of doing trees now…

Originally Posted by Enriqolonius
You know who you talking to foo! Hes tha juggernat bi%$#!

I just saw that movie two nights ago

But its looking pretty good

Thanks self-adhesive :slight_smile:

I forgot to thank Enriqolonius too for his nice comment’s… absolutly the best concept artist I have met :slight_smile:

have a good one guys! :slight_smile:

Some verry low poly tools…

Excellent work, p00f. I especially like the two sets of buildings. Looking forward to the new text system.

Enriqolonius: p00f may be the master of logic bricks, but Social holds the secret Python knowledge. Do not offend him, or you may find that your scripts mysteriously stop working.

Excellent work, p00f.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

p00f may be the master of logic bricks, but Social holds the secret Python knowledge. Do not offend him, or you may find that your scripts

thats right, and dont anyone forget it…
I am king of the Logic brick n00bs!
Edit : Poor taste humour removed.Apology…

together we will rule the novice game development +blender in harmony!


thanks for the nice post Blendenzo, have a nice day

Lol, yes, he is right to caution you.

I wonder if I’ll get an apology?