flyby...update... [A.T.L HORUS]

(EnthroneD) #1

nothing great here. just a flyby which reminds me of an airshow!!

if u can spare the time and bandwidth…pls lemme know how it is. btw…its a free host…and hence can get ripped anytime!

(endi) #2

WOW, it’s COOL!!!

(EnthroneD) #3

hey…someone finally saw it!!!
thx there mate! :smiley:

(stephen2002) #4

pretty neat, althought all of the little ships are not doing a very good job of escorting (which it seems to be what they are supposed to do).

Some of the sound effects could use some work.

Nothing glaringly wrong with it, nice job.

(Dittohead) #5

you should use they are prolly the best out there, atleast that i’ve found.

downloading your file now, i have a SLOW connection, so.

(Dittohead) #6

:o :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :-? :-? :-? :-?

dang it crapped out at 11.28 meg!!!

make it divx so i can download it, it’s WAY to big for 56kers.

(EnthroneD) #7

hi there…
originally the escorts(yes…thats what they are…) did a pretty neat formation. somehow,thx to persistant refinement, their paths all got messed. and i finally got the feelin that the whole thing would look pretty monotonous , if it were just the big guy passing by…hence left the little boys to swarm. and 8bit mono effects will never sound good…i’m sure u know that!

errr…divx(1 pass/5 quant) is around 14 megs!! sorry :frowning:
and i think tripod has filesize and bandwidth limits.

(EnthroneD) #8

i’ve managed to squeez the anim to a shitty 3 meg divx (no audio!!)…so pls give it a try this time…same link…