Flyer Design (bounced back :(

Hello all!

Here is one flyer I designed for an underground club event.

Unfortunetly the client bounced this one :frowning:

He wanted it to have shiny reflective colourful spheres :Z

…well i´l still post this here, tell me what u think!

P.S. The robot is made in Blender. Yafray render. Design & post-pro in PS.

Q: “can we see wires, please?”
A: “sure …”

I don’t think this one is too good… It seems you’ve relied purly on a texture stock and the text isn’t very legible…

Theres nothing that’ll catch my eye and make me want to read it, and where the text isnt very legible, taking a glance at it- no word is going to pop up and catch my eye either…

Compaired to the glassy ones, this one doesn’t really compete - not because it was an uber glassy effect, but because this one looks basic and not very intresting, it apears not much thought was put in to it (I dont mean it in an offencive way, im sure you did but the end result doesn’t show that)

If you took the mech away, most people would think it was a stock image with text over it? if you understand my perspective.

The difference between the background color and the color of the mech should be more significant. Right now it is sort of a strain to focus on it because the edges sort of blend into the background if I’m not looking at them specifically. I also agree the texture on the mech is bland and stock-looking. I do like the modeling work though.

This flyer is actaully pretty damn good. all words are legible. the color contrast between the picture and the texts makes it readable. the only problem i have is finding 50 of these things under my whipper blades after a club or event.

keep up the good work

Thanks for your constructive critiques!

Q: “can we see wires, please?”
A: “sure …”

Here is the W.I.P

I quess you are right about the textures. Its quite quick setup, and actually my first uv-texture paint ever. I got exited at mayang´s texture library so that explains the texture exaggeration :smiley:

The robo blends to the backround in purpose ´coz I wanted it to have rugged rusty look. There´s just a new photoshop layer of rusty metal in overlay mode in front of everything, i thought it looked kool.

Well I quess it was a good decision to not to accept it as a hardtrance club flyer. I´m just a little bit of bored producing reflective colourful spheres. Even thought they are eye candy :wink:

Thats all folks :smiley:

all it would need --imho-- to get the ‘looks’ would be to add some laserbeams or another techie-glowing stuff – also some glow behind the type.