Flyer Design - Dragon -


Hello all!

Here is one flyer I designed for an underground club event.

I did one before they didnt like. Here is the one they didnt accepted.

Blender render. +Photoshopping

hahah nice mate, really got the look to it

iis this in Amsterdam by any chance, im working here for the whole and sometimes end up at one of these things 8)

Sorry. I think this doesn´t compete with the parties in Amsterdam :smiley: But if you are on your way to Tampere Finland, i think I can get you in the list :smiley:


what does it say? type is so artsy I can’t read anything.

I saw the previous flyer and in my opinion this one is much better. I like the colors better compared to the dark metalic and rusty one before. The hydra (thats what I have concluded it was) is especially well done. The materials are great too. The only negative point I see is the font you chose for the writing, its nearly impossible to read! unless the flyer is really big it might be a problem.

Great job though.

I think the background is great, full of colour & energy, attractive and has a great texture to it, but the render just isn’t there - doesn’t fit in and looks like it’s stuck on top instead of blending nicly to the background. The little blotches of orange on the render do stand out pretty well in an eye-sore sort of way.

Like the last one, the font isn’t the best choice for being legible and to suit the style IMO[/u]