Flying: A Repeated Task?

Allright. Here’s the problem. I want to have a starship flying over a huge grassy field (thanks to a great tutorial I have one), so how do I do it?

I tried to multiply the grass mesh hundreds of times, but after the thirtieth, things began to get incredible slow. How can I repeat the grass, maybe in a line, so either it or the camera and the ship moves?

Boy. Animations are tricky, but they’re pretty darn awesome.

Any help would be great!

First you render an animation of your camera flying over the grass (you can do that a few times to randomize it). Then you render ananimation of the ship. Then put them together in the sequence editor with an appropriate background.

If that’s too daunting render stills of your grass and UVMap the images to a jagged (fractal subdivide) mesh, and fly your ship and camera over that.


Instancing might help, if you don’t mind that they’re all the same mesh.

In the edit buttons in the Link and Materials panel there are 2 boxes, one starts with ME: and gives the name of the mesh and the other starts with OB: and gives the name of the object. Click the ^v button next to ME: and change that one so it says the first grass mesh. Do that for all of them (or as many as you want), so they all say the same grass mesh in that box.

Okay. It sounds good but…

What is the Sequence Editor and how do I use it.

If there’s one thing that’s true, Blender has so many things that its hard to find and use all of them.

Thanks for the great reply, though! :wink:


Whats your Focus? if it on the ship and you seein the grass flash by benieth, then fake the grass and use a texture or something, you shouldn’t have time to focus on the details.

if you standing or liying in the feld, consentrat on makin the forground grass of a high quility then fake it fur ther away. That way the parts they can see are good but the distant parts don’t kill your processor.

ther some nifty tricks you can do with the particle engen … but on some thing like grass kill you in render time.

good luck

Great tip, alabandit. But how can I make the edges less detailed? I’m usic partcle and halo textures, so how can I blur the background while keeping the front in focus?
Or… How can I fake it by using a texture? The flight is low altitude, so it needs to look good.

You’re right, though… Render time is killing me.


Thanks a lot, guys! Thanks to the Sequence Editor (And your posts) I’ve achived what I wanted! Horray for Blender, and a job well done.

(And if that wasn’t uplifting, I don’t know what is!) :smiley: