Flying animations (need critique and tech assistance)

So I’ve been off for 2 years now while I changed careers and did my pilots license. I was mainly focused on archvis however in the last 3 months I’ve tried my hand at animation in the attempt to create a few educational videos for student pilots. This is an instrument approach that always gets asked about in the exams.

Any criticism is welcome and invited.
Advice I am looking for:

At the end, as the aircraft land, I have them fade out. To do this I keyframed to opacity of the materials however the issue with this is:

  1. I have to keyframe each material for each aircraft - this is incredibly time consuming.
  2. I cannot find the material keyframes in my timeline so it becomes a hassle to edit it I want to rearange the timing.
  3. I am using a holdout texture to hide objects before they appear. Is it possible to use a holdout texture to fade an object instead.

Thanks in advance!

you could use a global transparency variable for all your materials, then you could change them all at once in one place. You would do this by making a group with just the value, then you can use that group as the transparency factor for all your materials. If you change the value in the group, it will change all the materials where it’s the factor.

Try it in this file: change the value in the g_value group from 0 to 1 and back again. g_variable_ex.blend (1.0 MB)