flying Creature wip

Sculptris sculpt rendered in Blender

That looks freaken sick

Awesome,looks like a gargoyle.

In Sculptris symmetry off posing the creature import to blender obj ,Sculptris mesh will not UV unwrap in Blender. Sculptris has GOZ the magic button for Zbrush.

Sculptris mesh will not UV unwrap in Blender.

Why not?
You gonna retopo it and UV unwrap it alright. Blender has one of the best UV editors around.
What GoZ and zbrush has to do with it?
If you have in mind auto retopology (qremesh) in zb, or auto UV unwrapping (UV master) yes. But UVmaster won’t unwrap anything bigger than 100k. It may do something but may be wrong or crash zbrush

The right way: retopo it in blender, UV it, multires modifier up to millions of subs, shrinkwrap modifier and you have a blender sculpting as in zbrush or better.
Now, having all this workflow in mind, similar in zbrush or blender, you can start thinking of using dynamic topology sculpting in blender up to 20-500k faces, retopo and go for ultra details under multires sculpting. Using alpha based brushes or stencil techniques.
Bake after (from multires) as you wish for exporting.

Wonderful first posts, welcome to BA.
Pity we don’t have a sketchbook topic here. WIP is not the best for such wonderful artwork.
Add a link on your sculptris thread at least. You’re a wonderful artist.