Flying creature

Hi !
I have a little problem:cool:
My target is to get final image like this:
BUT I want to render stone and creature using catrom filter and grass using gauss filter. Stone and creature are on the same layer and grass is on different.

I tried in composite nodes, but I got bad effect. It looks like I copy and past it, and there aren’t shadow.

So I want to have everything like on the first image, but stone and creature should be rendered with catrom filter.
How can I do this ?

This “blue box” trick is a bit more involved than that. You need some fake shadow receivers on a different layer which produce the shadows and then compose the image together. I’ve done a setup like this and fumbled around quite some time until I found something which worked reasonably. I can post the node setup but it takes some time to load the blend file.

In general you to render the scene twice, once the models without shadows just lighting and a second time shadows only. Composing them together you end up then with a proper image. I assume you can do this easier than I did but I got it working that way.
I succeed ! :stuck_out_tongue: hehe
There is a nodes setup