Flying DestructOrbs

what have people had the best luck with, quality-wise in terms of codecs, for uploading videos to youtube? it seems like no matter what codec I use or the file size it comes out looking like shit. I tried but their uploading thing is a nightmare and barely works. anyone have better suggestions for hosting a 25 meg divx file?

EDIT: “physics short film” was a boring title for the thread. I changed it. now it’s sexy.


I use, it has a minimum of ads and other junk, and gives you 1gig free storage, reliable, and seems to be pretty fast for up/downloads (though I’m on dialup, so I can’t verify the speed quality)


download link is at the bottom of the page

excellent, now I’ll use that all the time. I’m too lazy/cheap to get a flash drive. please watch this DivX video instead of youtube…

I personally like people who use YouTube, it offers a quick and easy way to watch videos, I can’t play .avi files in quicktime so I have to download them and view them in the VLC player.

Well it ain’t quick for the very few unfortunate’s like me on dialup. Takes as long or longer to load up on Youtube as it does to download the file, and for something big like the movie here, I won’t even bother if it’s youtube.