Flying Eggs???

(Tobur) #1

Hi everyone!

This is my first post on this forum so don’t expect too much … :wink:

Hope you like it. Any comments are welcome.


(YAYA) #2

Cool!! it looks like my brain early in the morning, you know, just after the horrible buzzer that lies beside my bed!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep on blending! that’s good!

(BgDM) #3

I like it! It’s different, but I like it. :wink:


(meestaplu) #4

Very different. I especially like the green light shining out of the hole in the foreground, but the particles on the egg look a little weird. Maybe it’s supposed to be weird, though…

(Goofster) #5

pretty good.
the holes and the eggshapes remind me alot of the Alien movie.

(Killgore) #6

Hi 8)
I think the shape of the hole are very well done - cool!

(system) #7

I like the holes in the planet, too! but you have to change the light particles.


(LohnS) #8

ooohhhh very imaginative, i never would have thought of it =D

Very cool, with some more practice in blender, and with your imagination, i’m sure we will love to see your future blends, keep it up =)

(rogerm3d) #9

Looking cool. Id ask what it was but you already said. Very imaginative and odd.
Only complaint is the front particles. But they still work pretty well. Heck good enough :stuck_out_tongue:
Wanna see some more flying eggs or whatever. :wink:

(Tobur) #10

Goofster wrote

the holes and the eggshapes remind me alot of the Alien movie

Yeah, you’re right. The hole image is kind of a Science Fiction theme (its called “Emerging Offspring”) so what you see is the bearth of an alien lifeform (maybe evil, maybe not - who can say :smiley: ).

The particels look weird, but they are ment that may. If I give it a second thought, maybe there is a creature of light getting throu his shell…

Thanx for your comments.