Flying Game Finished

I finally got around to finishing my flying game. Guess I started it last year in 2.34. It doesn’t run well in other versions of Blender so I’ve posted exe versions, also blends for those who still have 2.34.

There are 2 versions of the game, one with all keyboard controls and one for joystick. I’ve only got an old 4 button joystick so I don’t know how it will perform on later ones.

Here are a few screen shots and instructions, hopefully this will tempt you to try the game.


Your base is under attack from enemy forces and you are in command of the last operational aircraft. Your task is to search out and destroy all theenemy forces before they over-run the base.

You will need to return to the base from time to time to refuel and re-arm. If your fuel depot is destroyed and you run out of fuel you must glide your plane to a safe landing. If you manage to land in one piece the score will be calculated at that point,if you crash-land you will loose.

The enemy have five trucks and five guns which they will tow into position one at a time. They are camouflaged so you will need to fly low to find them. They also have five gunboats which they bring up to shell your base. There are missile batteries too which defend their bases, getting too close them will spell disaster.

You will need to stay below 1000 feet if possible and within the Valley or the enemy radar will lock onto your aircraft and shoot you down.


Arrow keys…Manoeuvre Plane
N…Increase speed
V…Decrease speed
Spacebar…Raise & Lower wheels

B…Fire shells
M…Fire rockets

O…Bring up these controls to view in game

C…Change Cameras
R…Re-start game
ESC…Quit game


Destroy enemy missile battery…1000 points
" " gunboat …500 "
" " truck …300 "
" " gun …300 "


Destroy base headquarters …500 points
" " fuel depot …500 "
" " tower …500 "
" " aircraft …500 "
" " small building …300 "

1.Speed must be at least 150 to take off.
2.Raising wheels while on the ground will cause a crash.
3.Wheels must be raised to fire gun or missiles.
4.Landing may be easier if speed is reduced to 80 or 120, below this speed the engine will stall.
5.While on the ground avoid turning too quickly as aircraft may tip over.
6.The plane will sway after landing (as a real aircraft would), allow it to stop rocking before turning as the wings may catch the ground and cause a crash.
7.Landing practice is recommended!

Sounds included.

Have fun. jrt.

PS. Just to remind you, the blends only work properly in Blender 2.34.

Cool , but id change the way missiles home in on you - they are too fast and its not possible to dodge them at all.Id also add a yaw feature,because its hard to aim when you want to use guns.But so far it looks great.The graffics are great(i love the explosions).The best flying game ive seen so far on blender.

Thanks Eduard, I’ve taken your advice and introduced a little yaw, I think you’re right it is better. As for the missiles, some of them are fired from the camera and are only there to keep you in the scene, the others are fired from the ground but I’ve tried to give a warning when they are both approaching, without split screen it’s difficult to see them coming from behind.

Will upload new files tomorrow but there may be other suggestions for improvement before then.

Thanks again. jrt.

you have nice games on your page

DUUDE i love the game and the site. Rad games. i have a ? though. in your rally racing game.ocean rally. how do you make the car move along the surface of the ground. like not move, but when it comes to a hill, how do you make it so the car goes along the contour of the land, and still go up the hill. when i make a racing gam, the car only works on 1 plane. when it hits a hill it has to go up, it stops.

Thanks for the comments. I’ve uploaded the modified versions now. Added yaw and made the ground based missiles more visible and a little slower. The other missiles are meant to keep you in the valley and below 1000 feet, there are warnings when you stray out of bounds.

STELLA, for vehicles to follow the contours of the ground you need to have the ‘Rot Fh’ button pressed in Dynamics.

If anyone else can suggest improvements please let me know.