Flying Ice Cubes

I’ve been playing around with objects as particles with particle physics and GE physics. I just did that ice tutorial on blendernation so I put the two together. working on a fluid/ice sim. This took about 2 hrs to render on my quad :D(original was at 1680x1024 for my widescreen laptop wallpaper. tell me if you want the larger one)

cooooooooool…nice work…also my new desktop…

Pretty cubes, very convincing ice.

Maybe the floor should also be ice instead of a solid colored grey.

just one nickel cent : the edges of the cubes are too sharp, in the real, these are the first part of the cube to melt 'cause of the high surface/volume/curve ratio … if they where more soft/round, it would be more convincing …

good work though, keep up blendering …

hey cool :smiley:

How do u make the ice tecutre…i was wonering because i have a project of mine that needs an ice texture… Thank you.

The look a little dull(not the boring definition) and the spec and noise don’t look good. Otherwise, great job :smiley: