flying island (which angle do you prefer???)

ive just started this and im hoping itll become quite a nice flying island, im torn between all the differnt choices of what could be keeping it afloat, so i was hoping for some sugestions…?
any C&C so far also welcome, but im really after a decent power source for the rock.
(the background colours are to give an idea of the type of sun set scene)


Don’t take this the wrong way, but it looks more like a floating piece of lawn, or a chunck that got kicked up after a bad drive at the golf course. Reason I say that is the particles that you have applied to it make it look like grass. If the grass is that tall then it must be a small piece of land, handful even. I’d try for an applied color, perhaps some kind of mountain range on top, trees, etc. to make it more island like. Keep at it though.

To give it a sense of largeness, like a large mass, then I suggest shortening the length of the grass particles, and putting a ton more particles in there.


Or even better delete the particles entirely and make them trees. Would greatly enhance the sense of scale.

Well, if he did as I suggested as well as added the trees that would really give the sense of a large mass…depending on how large the trees were. Well, in either case the fact is, it would be good to add something to the island, whether it be a shack, living being, grass, tree or whatever else, so we could get a sense of the scale you are trying to give us.

ok, i know its nt a huge change, but i hope it helps u understand the scale more as u wanted. :slight_smile:


I like the style, very fantastical.

I like the shape, but as already said the scale is weird. You should remove or redo the grass, right now the lighthouse looks really small, rather than the grass looking really big.

Yeah the grass needs to be smaller. Otherwise this could end up being pretty sweet. Although personally I would add a midget for entertainment purposes and a midget house.

could you work at the light. the grass is very dark!

and could you maybe render the image in larger size so i can better see the details %|

You could have a jet motor under the island (to make it fly).

Cool…you’re going for the Gorillaz song - Feel Good Inc. The flying lighthouse is a great idea. I do agree that the piece of land could be enlarged.

thanks for the help so far ppl, ive been working on the grass, heres where its at now. :slight_smile:


The grass looks much better in that pic. Also, are you basing this off of that Feel Good Inc. song? If so it’s not a bad subject to use, I just hate the song. lol.

It’s definitely looking better, but the lighthouse is still very small. perhaps shrink the size of the door down to give the tower more size, of course then the grass will look like 4 foot high stalks again, but I think it would make the building better.
I grabbed this one cause it looked similar to yours, even though it’s just a replica/toy, but the scale is much better then yours. See how small the door is. Anyway, keep at it.

Also, you might think of having some roots sticking out the bottom of the ground, perhaps some clouds circling the ground to show it’s in the air.

The textures of the bottom are stretched.
Somebody here told me Terragen is free for personal use, so maybe you might consider it.
It’s perfect for something like this. You can combine it with Blender.

grass looks better now!

could you send a close up from viewed on the island with the lighttower on the side of the camera screen

then i can see some things better

i hope it doesn’t render too long if i ask large scale :frowning: srry :expressionless:

ive been doin some playing on the scene, got osme roots in, twidled with the light house a bit (which isnt meant to be too realalistic but thanks for the pics and shiznay :slight_smile: ) and started on a floating sort of effect, but i could do with some help on the best way to make some nice fluffy clouads, im thinking particle effect, i wondered if there was a better way?
(and Anicator, im nt quite sure what sort of view u mean, but ide be more than happy to get one).


Much better. Looking pretty good now. The lighthouse is too small though (compare to the door), unless it only has a ladder inside.