Flying Kick

Honestly, i don’t know if i should be opening another thread about more videos… if anyone can tell me (if i can actually open a new thread when i make a new one or i should post all my vids in my previous thread.) it’d be appreciated

Anyways, i tried a flying kick now, as soon as i finished it i realized something…
2 words
Gravity problem :C! he isn’t goin’ in an arch, you know, it should, but i forgott about it at the time. but oh well.

Also, i had some rotating issues with the rest of the body, but i’d like to read your opinions anyways.

Don’t hesitate letting me know what you think! :cool:

Where’s your source for the animation. It’s a bit slow.

the way he stays in the air doesnt look natural, all other is good!

If find the air part soo slow… And something is bugging me about the turn around, but I can’t say what it is.

Nice job, by the way!!

@senorpotato Yeah, it is slow :stuck_out_tongue: i didn’t wanted it like that but thats what came out, i left too much space between keyframes. also, the thing that’s bugging you, it can be when he turns arround, and his spine rotates weird in one moment between kicks.

@Korumis Yeah… i noticed xD i always have problems when making a character go acrobatic i wanna get better at it anyways!

@XeroShadow No source, i made it from scratch :o or if you mean the original video, its exactly like that, the slowiness its my fault.

(i don’t know how to answer comments so i tried to do it the obvious way “@vushker or something like that” hope its fine :P)