Flying rats

My new movie (made with Blender of course). I worked on in four months.

That looks great! I especially like the ‘expressiveness’ of the little robot character.
I’d love to hear about your workflow, especially any techniques you use to keep render times down - and what kind of render times are you getting (and on what hardware)? Also, any tips for managing complexity: using scenes, render layers, object linking objects, NLA editor actions, or so on?

Don’t like the dumb stereotypes which conclude in ignorant arrogance. :rolleyes:
Bird guano is fertile, while machine oil is poisonous. Nothing to be upset or laugh about.
Though execution is nice.

I liked your animation and the robot is cool I think. :slight_smile:

Some notes:

  • I think the manuscript was not clear enough. For your next animation you should take more time to do it so clear that it is very easy to understand for the first watch. As example: I understood first that the robot was doing some magic trick with that cloth at the beginning. Also if there is 3 spots on the floor, it is not (yet) reason to be angry, because it is fast to clean. I also was very amazed of how did that robot become that much covered with mud, since he was out of the screen when that happened. Actually there is no single scene where the robot actually were cleaning something. At the beginning he was “cleaning” already clean floor but it looked more like he was having fun with the cleaning machine.

  • Normalize the sounds track to make sounds equal to each other. I needed to change sound volume few times because it felt like it is too loud / too silent.

Thanks for comment. I am not sure, what you need, but I will try to tell something.

So everything was created to limit work and render time. For example there was only two sources of light: sky hdr teksture and sun light. I tried to use Area-lamp to lit the middle of scene, but it generated too much noise. Bright scene and colors was necessary to limit the noise. Maybe on Youtube it is invisible (because strong compression), but shadowed areas are noisy:

Amount of samples was 200 (1280x720, limited global illumination). On GTX 970 (i5 4460, DDR3 8GBx2 1600MHz) was average 46 seconds for single frame. So rendering took 30h.

Scenes: there was 7 of them - everytime, when robot is beyond screen, new scene is starting. Long scenes would be too complicated for me. By the way, all scenes was created by cliking plus-button on top and choosing Link-Obejct-Data. Thanks to it, when I changed lit or materials in one scene, Blander changed it on others.

NLA I used only to loop birds’ wings. BTW they has the same material, but thanks to nodes: Object-data(random) and Color-ramp Blender generates random colors for every object.

I don’t know, what may be interesting for you - so great tip for ending: If you have several scenes, you may write simple txt file with .bat extension. Write simple command to open blender and which scenes must be rendered. Run that file, go to sleep and system will render everything without your help. Try to google “blender batch rendering” or “blender command line rendering” For example my file looks like that:

cd C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 01 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 02 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 03 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 04 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 05 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 06 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 07 -a

blender -b C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\007_flying_rats\22.blend -S 07a -a

@burnin: thanks for reply

@ArMan: I really love your comment - it is very helpful. True is that I had better manuscript. But I realized that it was too difficlut for me and I will not finish it. So I had to simplyfy it. I asked friends, but they said, that everything is clear. But your comment shows me, that i should to improve it. Thanks

I’m happy that I could help. :slight_smile: From written manuscript it is sometimes a lot easier to see how the animation is going and maybe your friends saw it and understood perfectly. Anyways, I’ll subscribe your channel to see later more of your stuff and see how you improve. :slight_smile: