flying tank!!! Help !!!

As my first post on this forum:o, a littlequestion about the GE. I’m still experimenting with the blender GE and I am currently trying making some sort of tank game. There is one problem though, If my tank hits any thing it flies up in the air for half a minute to crach down on the ground. I tries to use empties with ray sensoers, but it didn’t work.:frowning: Can annyone help me please?
(sry for my english)

Can you post the .blend file? I’m not sure what the problem is from your description, but it could be that you are using too much force to move the tank. Did you change its mass at all?

Did you try increasing the gravity, usually you may want the gravity at 25 (which is max)

try unabeling ridgit body, it may look stupid though if it´s going downhill

Thanks for the replies all but now i’ve got an even bigger problem, my computer crached yesterday :(. I’ve rebooted it and (of course) immediatly reinstalled blender. I’m remaking the blendfile till what I had and then I’ll try to use your solutions


K, I remade the blendfile and tried your solutions. I didn’t really wanted to turn the rigid body off so I tried increasing the gravity. this had some effect but the tank was still flying up in the air. So i decided to retry the emptys with ray sensors but this time I put it all in a script instead ousing logic bricks and it works!:smiley: I think there is something seriously wrong with those logic bricks sometimes… If annyone is still interested in seeing my blendfil, ask me and I’ll post it (it’s not completely finished yet)