Flying Thing in Hangar

my first thing in blender of which i diddnt got bored (meaning i did more than just modeling).
P.S.: what means “WIP”???

animation with sound. ~2MB

and a picture:

“WiP” is short for the title of this forum, “Works in Progress”

Battlefield 1942??
Very nice

yeah that looks like bf1942, gooooood job :wink:

Very nice, but please remember to click on the OSA button. That will smooth down those jagged edges. :smiley:

yea… OSA would help a whole lot… but hey… I never realized wut OSA wus for during the first year I worked on Blender! Like way back in the day… when it was like all new… and stuff…

So yea… great work… now it’s time to blow everything up!!!

at first yes its battlefield music. music like that ‘powers up’ scenes, i also thought about crimson tide or somethin similar. i think it’s a good trick to make your vids more enjoyable (?).

ah and OSA… i think the vid is with OSA, the pic not, but with osa the volumetric lights are far softer and i was far to drunk to compensate that problem :wink:

cu bierle

P.S.: does anyone know “Highlight Pro” ???