Over 1.5 years ago, I first touched World of Warcraft and I knew I’d do something about me life and it did. That time perido just swooshed by and I didn’t really do much during that time. That also means I didn’t touch Blender during this time, but now I’ve quit WoW and started doing other stuff again, Blender included.

This is for the weekly contest of POnline and the subject was “Flying Machine” or something like that. I decided to start with something simple. I made it quick and it looked way too simple, but I was too lazy to do anything about it. I decided to add an environment around it to make it look atleast adequate and found Blender’s new particle system and tried to make grass with it following a tutorial. I desperately failed and threw the scene away.

I found it again yesterday and started fiddling around with the grass settings and got something better (but I still need help with it…) and decided to render it. This is what I have now, but it’s still missing the idea. Also, the environment is quite…lame.

I was thinking of adding some spider webs around the machine and the workshop and making an aeroplane flying far away in the horizon, but we’ll see. I think I started with too simple model and got bored because of that. :<