Flying wings for short film

Hey Blender heads. I’ve been away for a bit and afraid I’ve lagged behind in terms of how far blender has come. Do see that there’s strand rendering in cycles whic is great and might help woth what I’m looking for. I’ve been shortlisted to direct a live action short film here in ireland. If I get through the interview it means I’ll have some money to make this short called ‘Birdman’. The story is written by an up and coming new writer who is very talented and is now being commissioned to write a feature film through the irish film board. I got him just in time.

In anways the story is basically about a father who tries to connect woth his estranged son by building a flying harness. A brief synopis: ‘When separated Ian Bennett rediscovers his father’s design for manual flight, it reignites his passion to fulfil a lifelong family dream. Together with his son Max, they work in secrecy on their Saturdays together in a small garage away from prying eyes. But as the machine takes shape, it is Ian’s increasingly erratic behaviour and Max’s indifference toward him that threatens to ruin their chances. Sometimes even the best made plans can go awry as all Max wants is to have his old father back’.

Ideally I’d love to be able to have some concept designs and model work done up of what the harness could look like if i went down the CG route as there is a quite inticate sequence in the film of Max flying. I wondering if anyone out there would be up for giving it a go.

The job would be to build a flying harness that can be strapped onto someone. It can fold up on itself like a bird and can open up to full span. The wings would be covered in ‘geese feathers’ and painted red and blue…

If anyone’s up for the challenge let me know. In return we can have ya on board for the film if comissioned. Must say this would be ideal for someone looking to work on their portfolio/showreel. The job would not be paid as everyone who will work on it will be offering their services (well apart from the sparks … they have the right frame of mind) as the budget would only cater for equipent and production and not salaries unfortunately.

Any questions ask here or get onto me at [email protected] if interested



Just got word i have to get the proposal in by the 18th. Anyone wanna give me a dig out?

I just pm’ed you but don’t think it went through.Let me know if you still need help.I would like to give it a shot.Give me as much description as you can.
Over and out.
Lalen (pronounced Lay-len)