Fmtop - tv ad.

Hey boys and girls,

I wanted to share this tv ad we finished a few weeks ago, it’s been going on tv pretty frequently here in Chile =)

We, Estudio Pintamonos, were in charge of doing all the 3D animation work, 2D and compositing was done in after effects by Minga.

Hope you enjoy watching! (we enjoyed working on it).

All 3D elements were modelled / textured / shaded / lit and rendered in blender.

Some elements like the characters where rigged with rigify and animated in blender while others like the walkman, delorean
and the speaker, where rigged in maya, and then brought back to blender via mesh cache, just to prove that we could implement maya animators to our pipeline =)

full post from estudio pintamonos:

That is really cool.

thanks anthony =)

me gusta mucho tu trabajo! felicidades

Is that Jack White?

i love it!

MikaCore!, gracias!!!

Therealnoz, no, it’s michael jackson in his “smooth criminal” suit =)

Xey, thankyou!!!

This Michel Jackson and Lady Gaga(?) :slight_smile: very funny idea :slight_smile: and nicely executed. 5 stars from me :wink:

Hey AniMeAniBe, that’s exactly it!!! =), thank you!!!