FOAM in bath

Hi Gusy!

im straggeling for some time now to make a FOAM in a bath mesh. I need it to be generated by a texutre (noise) and have a 3 types of bubbles: small a bit bigger and very big ones, just a few of them. My biggest problem is: is it possible to make it without mesh intersecion??? so every bubble has its won place with out (more or less) intersecion??? And how to make it piling up in the middle? Dyamics?? Does it sound difficult??

Thanks for any help with that!!

skip to the part where he makes the foam. i think that might be helpfull.

Cool! Thanks a lot for that

It’s all good but :slight_smile: i was wondering if it is possible to make a mesh like a foam. This tutorial is more like a very good fake foam.

yafaray has a tut on beer and foam !

happy bl