FOCA Evil Twin

Hello there, I’m primarily a max user, but i use Blender as a hobby. Playing around i decided to create one of the robots from a popular romanian web episode show, ROBOTZI, i attached an image of them to this post. I chose the intelectual robot, FOCA, and i’m doing a mad evil twin theme i guess.

I already modeled it and yesterday, when it wasn’t fully modeled i did some shading tests, Blender is quite new to me so i wanted to play around with shading/lighting. Also, took it through photoshop to get a feel of what i want to create and did some post work on it, used some of my Fumefx explosions frames to do this apocalyptic background :).

Anyway, Blender is really fun to use, these days i’ll do a proper unwrap to the robot and start to paint the textures and also finish some of the final details in the model. But, good stuff, i like blender this far and as a hobby i’ll definitely use it more often, who knows, maybe i’ll use it for some commercial work as well, seems really solid :).

Also, i attached a raw render, with the almost finished model. Sorry for the nasty symetry seam, didn’t unwrap it as final model :).


Texturing is top notch. Are you going to do the other robot too?

Maybe… i’m thinking to do a series of family robots like : Evil Twin, grandma, Hooker etc… :smiley:

I finished the model, i had to collapse the simetry and did changes to the body so the old mapping is gone, couldn’t use my procedural shader i had setup. But, doesn’t matter since now i’ll unwrap it again and paint a proper texture for body and other bigger parts.
Rendered with Blender Internal, if anyone is curious.

Hope you like how it’s shaping up :).

And a link to a better quality image, the forum kind of spoils the small details :

Did some body texturing and made a render test with Luxrender, i’m still trying to figure out the quirks of the software, but i like it quite a lot :).

Link for better quality, forum seems to create artifacts in small details.

Looking really cool!

I left the render to simmer during the night and did some PS work, but pretty minor, some glow and Color corrections.

haha, that is seriously cool, man… i want one of those…