Focal Length of User Perspective

What is the focal length of User Perspective mode, so I can set the camera to the same?

I use 2.8 mainly in which I have it set to 50mm. In Blender 2.79 it seems to be 35mm. Regardless - this value can be found and changed on the N panel.

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Thanks for helping, but I know how to change the focal length, I’m just wondering what the User Perspective focal length is, so I can set it so when I look through the camera it looks the same. If that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Hmm… so it’s 50mm in 2.8, but when I set the camera to 50 it still doesn’t look quite the same…

Come on …
JohnMalcolm is just giving you the answer :

And you don’t even read it :

Any way, if it can help :

  • The sensor size (in camera params) can change the field of view regardless of the focal lens, that’s why same focal lens doesn’t mean same field of view.
  • If your goal is to align camera with view, on the “N” panel, just under the focal lens, you can check “Lock Camera to View”. then in Camera View you can align the camera with the view perspective.

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I understand English might not be your first language, but you’re coming across as unnecessarily rude. I’m 40 years old I don’t need to be talked to like a child.

My point was, this 50mm…

And this 50mm…

Don’t seem the same, and I know the camera position is slightly off, but it’s not that, nor the field of view.

Have you tried adjusting the sensor size of your camera?

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The viewport focal length should match up better with the camera view in 2.80. It does for me anyway. Here I took a screenshot of the camera view as well as one in viewport perspective mode after using Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0. They match almost perfectly as shown by a trip to Photoshop

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Maybe this, I don’t really know what this does to be honest. I will fiddle with it and see what happens.

Thanks :slight_smile:

When I do Ctrl + Alt +number pad 0, I notice the camera doesn’t really appear in the same place as my view, it tends to be forward a bit.

It’s easier to see with the camera selected. When it’s aligned properly you will “see” the camera object selected like my top screenshot. Yellow rectangle. Not orange. The exact framing may jump around if you toggle between camera view and the perpective aligned to camera view, but you can pan the camera view to match pretty much exactly what the other view is seeing.

Why is it important to get these to match exactly? The view camera should be adjusted to suit your particular needs there and then while working, like using extreme wide angle for indoor navigation to when geometry obstructs or longer lenses for character where perspective matters. Whereas the render camera(s) should be setup to enhance the artistic expression you want to achieve with the shot - don’t “lock at 50mm/35mm/whatever just because”.