focus change anim

i thought of this when i was doing the water tutrial
tell me if somebody else has done this/

That’s an interesting effect.

on the edit camera place press “I” and selectfocal adjustment or something.then change the focus and the frame then press it again

It’s called a rack focus.
I’ve done one using compositing and the sequence editor in the past. Indeed, a cool effect visually, can be used to shift focus of attention in a shot.

It’s pretty grainy right now, anyone knows how to fix that? I think it’s a great effect, but also requires a lot of time to render…

Are you using raytracing? That could very likely have a lot to do with the jitter, if focal blur worksin Blenderthe way I assume it does.

It looks like the Yafray DOF.
And if it is you can turn up the samples(about 20) in the render window to get less grain, but it takes longer to render all that suff in camera for animation.

Word of advice turn off the GI if to get a little bit more speed.