Focus point


There you can see a litlle purple point, i call it the focus point (don’t know the name)
If i select the camera and my object and then press ctrl - T -> track constraint the camera aims at that point.
but the point lays far away of my object so the camera only shows a litlle part of the object.
How can I move the focus point more towards or even in the center of my object?

Greetings, Olivier.

Try moving your object in Edit mode back over the purple dot. In Object mode you can move it and the purple dot goes with…

thanks :), could’ve figured it out myself…
next time i will search better, thanks a lot.

You could also move that focus point with these mesh editing buttons.

Little trick…

Select the object/thing you want to move something else to… hit Shift-s (it will give you a little popup list thingy)… select move cursor to object… then select the object you want to move… hit shift-s again and select move object to cursor… voila

Hi, I’m new to blender and here so this question might already have been answered but i couldn;t find it anywhere. I’ve had a problem with the focus point moving away from all the objects in my scene in random directions in one go, this post helped sort that out, but i also have a bigger problem in that when that happened when i try to add new meshes to the secen only the focus point appears and nothing else. Does anyone here know what causes that and how it can be solved?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

I also have this problem from time to time.
It appears when blender has not enough parameters to create a new mesh.
For example when you add a UV sphere and click somewhere in the window, while you´re asked about how many segments and rings you want. The dialog disappears but because blender still does not know how many rings/segments you want for your UV sphere it simply creates a new mesh with no vertices.
[>] The only thing you get is the focus point.

Is there a way of getting around it without starting again from scratch?