Focus: Python or Blender's Logic panel?

This might sound backward, but how important is it to use the features of BGE’s Logic panel? I don’t know Python yet, but I have an OOP background from college and it seems the easiest (and potentially more flexible) way to learn to do neat BGE things.

Are there any tasks that are made significantly easier by doing them through the Logic UI rather than Python? I mostly ask because I’d like to throw myself into learning, but I don’t know how much one aspect outvalues the other and don’t want to learn three weeks down the line that this n-page Python script could have been done in 5 minutes using the Logic UI.

Thanks for any help you could provide!

A python controller has quite a few things you can do that would require either tons of bricks or can’t do with bricks at all, if you need just that extra power it’s fairly nice to have.

Logic bricks can become messy, but if you properly name them and use the states to help organize it’s less of a problem.

Well, here’s some things that Python can do but bricks can’t:

  • Finding the closest object with a certain property or name.
  • Pointing any axis to any object or location.
  • Adding multiple objects at once, all with different initial LinV’s.

Speed comparison here.

Well, one thing that is hugely simpler is using DRot with the motion actuator than doing it yourself.

A good combination of both is best.

A good combination of both is best.

what he said…

My thanks! I was leaning towards that belief, so based on J09’s link and feedback here, I’ll be practicing both as I learn, drawing more heavily on Python for complex tasks and logic bricks for simpler ones.