Focus thread #1 - Suzann

Not sure if anybody will join, but here it goes. BTW, everything is open for discussion as well, if you have an idea, post it.


  1. this is for “traditional” work, which means anything where you are working 2 dimensionally, doesn’t matter how, Gimp/Photoshop/computer, pencil and paper, watercolor, ketchup on your plate, body tattoo… you get the idea.

  2. Try to stick to the theme. However, personal/odd interpretation and artistic freedom are expected, but for the less skilled people I would highly suggest taking it fairly literally.

  3. Post in this thread, at the end of the week I’ll edit this post to showcase all the work.


Object: Suzanne
Topic: Painful beginnings

Yeah, I know kinda lame, but it’s a fitting start given the site. and in the future themes will be decided on by suggestions, so make a few.

(Warning, if I see a post containing a actual render passed off as painted I will use a Mr. T face on you. :yes:)

What about traditional sculpting :D?

interesting idea overall, but what an extremely dull topic I can think of a million better things to paint or draw than suzanne so I will pass for now until a better theme comes up

As you can see, I need the practice. Pencil and paper (slight touch up in GIMP just to compensate for my scanner messing up the contrast), approx 30 mins.

@Tyrant Monkey: There’s something to be said for simpler topics that allow people to practice capturing forms and shading without too much else to think about. A lot of art students spend time simply shading spheres and cubes to get to understand light and shadow for example.

@Atemporalskill: That said, I would like to see some more interesting topics, perhaps you can start compiling a list (much like the CGSoc Daily Sketch Forums).

Possible topics:
The hand (an excellent technical excercise)
The circus (lots of interesting things to draw)
The big city (lots of opportunities to practice proper perspective)

I am way past drawing cubes, spheres and cones, things I did when I was in 5/6th grade. There is little I would gain from doing things I have already mastered your own list of topics is far more interesting than drawing suzanne, the best sketch threads usually have a theme that is open of interpretation hell even my o-level art exams had more exiciting themes than this.

Gosh. Good for you.

“Two Dimensional”, or at least close to it. (I think that if you wanted to do a relief carving that would be cool, that is if you know how.) A full out 3D object kinda defeats the purpose, besides, if you’re going to do that why not just use blender.

Nice work, Now I gotta get a coloring too. :wink: Main thing that’s bothering me is that it looks to dark near the left eye.
Edit: and thanks for the link, I’ll be ripping/sorting through all those for use here too! but whenever you think of one post it. I’ll start sorting them into objects and topics.

@tyrant Monkey
Yeah, I knew it wasn’t the best theme ever devised under the sun, that’s why I asked for help from those that know more about what a good topic would be. Also, as Ben said, I thought Suzanne would provide for a good still-life set up as everyone here should have plenty of access to her. :slight_smile: but I had hopped that people such as yourself who are more skilled would take it as a challenge to make her in an interesting style and/or put new life into an old subject, which when done well is probably the most impressive, and difficult kinds of art around.

That gives me an idea, what if we split the theme into two parts? Make it look something like this.

A simple object (such as Suzanne)Topic
This would be the slightly more abstract ideas, scenes… all that makes a good theme.:confused:

You have the freedom to use one, or both of the themes for your picture(s). This way people that need the practice can focus on basic technical skills with just an object, and those who choose to can use the topic as their only sketching theme. and for everyone that incorporates the object into their topic an extra smiley face will be added!

With that in mind I think I’ll add a “topic” to this thread… :spin:

Disclaimer: If I just said something rather loopy, I blame the pain meds, I had a surgery to remove all four wisdom teeth this afternoon, so I’m still a little :spin:. yeah, soft foods for my diner!