Focus threads for "traditional" art on

Ok, so I had a big long announcement all typed up for this, but with school starting for most of the people on here, myself included, I figured I’d scrap the idea of making some kind of official group and just jump in with a “lead by example” after a small announcement of what I’m going to do. Maybe the “official” part will come later.

Weekly themes/threads for “traditional” and/or 2D painting pictures to help people improve their skills, knowledge, and art.

Hopefully every week starting now.

Over in the traditional section of this site.

This is the most complicated question, in (really) short:
Because there has been expressed an interest among some members here.
Because there are members that could improve their blender work from doing some 2D.
Because some people need a little more motivation to work on their weaknesses.

Anyways, this is all fairly experimental. As time progresses I’m going to be fiddling with the concepts of bringing a higher level of cooperation between people online. I know I’m being a little shallow on the details with just this, so if you have any questions just ask and I’ll be happy to answer.


Great idea!

I’d enjoy that, and working on 2D skills is a great way of improving your 3d art, as well as a brilliant way of getting inspiration and planning out your ideas before jumping into 3d, where the essence of the idea you had can be lost before you have time to really start getting it down.

As I said, I’m just going to dive right on in to this. here is the first thread:

Yeah, that’s one of the big reasons that I personally want this.

I’m not a great artist yet myself, so don’t expect anything super hard, but I will try keep the themes a open to many levels of skill, but especially focused as a way to help artists improve basic skills such as form, light, and color.