FOCUS with YafRay

alright. ive got my FOCUS object but how do you set the actual Depth of Field or aperature from Blender? do i have to edit the exported script to do that?
when it renders, it registers the presence of the FOCUS object but there is no apparent change, probably because Depth of Field hasnt been turned on somehow.
if anyone can help me out, thatd be wicked. thanks

mmm, i don’t know anything about a FOCUS object, but you have to edit the camera settings in the XML file that Blender generates before it gets sent to Yafray, you can’t set it from within blender… yet. To do this, start the yafray render from blender, but hit ESC right away. This will cancel the render, but the generated XML file remains in your Yafray export directory. Edit this XML file with the proper depth of field camera settings (sorry, don’t know the details of this, you’ll have to read the yafray manual), save the file, and do a manual yafray render with the command ‘yafray YBTest.xml’