A veteran samurai focuses on the power and absorption of positive energy around him

How many hours a day do you have this focus?

I suggest you do this for a few minutes in your daily life. (Focus)


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you Bart. have a great weekend! :heart:

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This reminded me of one of my favorite artworks and so I had to trouble myself to look it up.

So I thank you for that.

It was painted by a contemporary artist and luckily it is still online.

It is funny what speaks to us at times.

You have managed an interesting piece without the trappings of act and lust. Also curious how the images spread on any platform rarely conform to this higher art form. I suppose we should do well to heed your advices.

Thank you for your positive feedback :heart:

I try to go through the steps of processing a project step by step

Even for my beard, mustache and personality hair, I try to get a good base mesh before doing anything.

If you want to be a successful artist, you have to pay attention to these steps and pay attention to the details of your project

(If you can tell me the name of the artist you mentioned, let me go and see her works)

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It also just came to me that you are showing a samurai without focus on the sword weapon. So you are increasing all our understanding of what it means to be “samurai” rather than any stereotype.

Sure, the artist is a man, and I do not need to keep him secret :wink: but before the other day I had not seen all his art and so you may question me how it seems related to this post. But I hope you are not overhyped if it does not fancy you.

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thank you Boder :heart: