Focused critic for my seahorse wolf. Model included

you can get the model from here.

I understand why low-polygon model was rejected by cgtrader. I don’t know why they rejected the rigging. Was it the topology? Does it not deform well?

Not certain about pbr being rejected either. Do I need to include a map for each part of the bsdf shader? Did they not like some maps being filled with single color?

no animations in the wolf to talk about.

The model itself will be difficult to improve without entirely remaking it. I can tell you didn’t use proper reference, mainly by looking at the eyes and the anatomy. The idea is interestesting, but it could be better executed.

I feel you need to practice using reference. For instance, Google “seahorse”, “wolf side view”, “wolf front view”, ect. Lastly, try not to get overwhelmed and remember everything can be broken down into smaller shapes. Good luck.