Focused critic for new head sculpt

Is it better than the last one?

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Definitely better!

However the same mistake of having too little forehead/upper cranium remains.

See how much upper cranium is missing compared to a live person:


Remember, the center of the eyes is the halfway point between the top of cranium and bottom of chin when mouth is closed.

Are you using an actual person as reference this time?

Keep at it :+1:

I need to work on my visual measuring skills for sometime. I did use a reference to a real person. An old black and white photograph. (not shown)

I wanted to share the whole model.

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If you are interested in realism this thread by @Tonatiuh is an excellent read:

Your sculpting skills are definitely improving. All that is left is just learning anatomy inside and out.

I made this practice head to help you get a rough idea of how the male head is structured:

You need a deeper understanding of the skull forms underneath muscles and skin, and this is achieved by rigorous study and lots of practice from good references.

Maybe invest in a good anatomy book. Google Gottfried Bammes for starters. Good luck!


So glad that you think that way!

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Some more angles to help you, @humanartist


In addition to the excellent examples and advice from @yakuzakazuya and @Tonatiuh , I would like to suggest this video by Doris Fiebig:

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I’ll be looking at the books, but I have to wait.

@yakuzakazuya @Harkunan
What about

Can I get what I need from Mr Proko?


I am unfamiliar with Proko, but I learned a lot from Ryan Kingslien:

He uses zbrush but his explanations of sculpting basics are applicable to blender as well.

How about this one?

I cannot personally recommend any online courses since I never took one unless it’s available for free. I learned from books, youtube tutorials and fellow blenderartists mostly. However you may learn a lot faster than I did with a tutor who knows anatomy like Proko, Kingslien, etc.

Get a skull replica from Ebay or somewhere else and draw it a million times from all angles. Also you can download Loomis’s books online. They are the best material for human stuff in general.

The bottom line is that mastering or even understanding human anatomy properly takes a lot of time.



Now this is in no way an anatomically correct approach, but this is how I learned how to sculpt a decent looking male head:

The skull bones that are visible (in white) I try to keep visible even when I sculpt flesh over them.

This beautiful skull I found here:

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By using the very same skull I could sculpt this weeping woman:


I made some changes after looking at the china head encourch reference that arrived in the mail today. I do recommend getting one of these heads, very good quality.

I did some more work on the head after the last post.


Are you going for cartoony or realism with this one?

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