Focused Critiques offer on Human Anatomy (Realistic)

(Tonatiuh) #1

This thread is close, I don’t have the time now, and also no one made use of it. So good luck to you all!


(hartste90) #2

Hey thanks for making this thread! Hope this is the right place to post this.

I’m a blender newbie and would love some helpful critique of my first human torso bust sculpt.

Specifically I feel like maybe the posture is making it look weird? And I’d really like some helpful tips on the belly button, but I appreciate all feedback!

Thanks again guys!

(Tonatiuh) #3

You came to the right place!
First first, I hope you are working with a good reference, it will be nice if you show it.
Second, change the lens mm in the viewport presing N to see the side panel, search for lens mm go to 100 or something like that, If you want to take measurements you can press 5 in the numb pad to go to orthografic view.
Also, maibe you can change the matcap to somethig else, I just like the open GL ligths with one light only search for the quick preference addon.
Do that and let’s see if I can help you more.

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Thanks! I’ve updated the material, focal length, and added ortho front and sides as well as included the references I’ve been using. Even the references have different proportions to each other so I’ve been using parts from each to try and get an average look but I could really use some direction on what the biggest improvements I could make would be! Thanks for the help


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Nice! are you using references of real people? there are a lot of incorrect anatomy, and proportions are of too, I’ll love to see the references.
Anyhow, the bigest problemes are:

  1. soulders, you should have deltoids and biceps visible not just a cilinder.
  2. collar bone is mising or nowhere to be found hehe. research that.
  3. the rectal abdominal muscle has more bumps. research
  4. there is no way to tell where the chest ends and where de abdominal area starts.
  5. legs are too thin.
  6. please show me your references so I can point to something.

Take a look at this:

(hartste90) #6

Ah sorry! Thanks for the great feedback here are the refs I was trying to use.
Can I ask what you mean by more bumps on the rectal abdominal muscle? Also is there a good way to delineate between the chest and abdominal area that I’m missing? Is it more space, or defining the abdomen more prominently?

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Ok, lets start for the proper anatomy, you can use this image to studdy a little.
You should be able to know all the bone names, and all the muscles names of that image, or at least know that they exist.
Go to your references, and paint over every muscles you see and put the name over it.
Try to identify where are the bones in your references. paint where you think they are, and name them.
Then try to sculpt everyting againg, and be sure that all the names and anatomy stuff you paint and name in your references are in your sculpt, Then post it here your result, you will see a big change.