Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Hey there :slight_smile:

This is my very first post on I started to work with blender about a month ago and until a few days I mostly followed Youtube tutorials, so that i learn how to use blender. A few days ago I desided to try to create something by my own. I just saw that little audiointerface right infront of me, so I decided to make a digital version of it.

Here is the Result:

I know it is not perfect but if u have some hints and tipps for me that would be awesome :slight_smile:

As reference model:
I used a real version for the modeling.

About the render:
I used Cycels. The front view pictures are with 500 samples the backside pictures with 250. The Textures of the outer (red) case are made with blender, and the inner parts (black) are made with gimp.

I would be proud if u give me some feedback about it, because i want to improve myself :slight_smile:
TY for watching and reading

Modeling looks pretty good. Scene needs more light.
On the knobs and switches, add a subsurf modifier to remove the facets. And try a glossy or aniso shader.
Here’s a nice guide to shaders:

Thank you very much riveter :slight_smile: ur comment helped alot and this guide is so nice :smiley:

I think i give a little update about the recent changes on my work:

  • I modeled new knots wich look a bit rounder. Maybe the birght ones (and the dark ones?) are a bit to round(?)
  • I enabled smooth shading on the knobs, so they will look not that edgy
  • I also eneabled smooth shading for some other parts like the XLR-Inputs
  • I gave the dark and the bright knots new materials wicht look more realistic
  • I changed the green light rings from a translucent-diffuse mix into a emission diffuse mix so i can delete the lamps wich lit the rings.

  • I gave the inner black case a bit blueish color and also changed the displacement a bit
  • I created a new lighting system with a sun lamp and some environment lightning and changed the background in some black
  • I replaced and rescaled the top texture on the red outer case
  • I scaled the switches below the black knobs a bit smaler so it looks more realistic