Fog in a canyon

I am a beginner and have an idea for an image that requires fire-like fog in a deep canyon. I am picturing a view from above and to the side of the canyon. I need the ‘fog’ to be thicker the further down in the canyon it gets. I want it to look like there is fire and/or very hot lava at the bottom, and what you will see in the image is the foggy glow of the heat below.

Make sense? :yes::no::spin:

Take a look at the above link. You will notice the bouncing ball video. The ball falls into a canyon exactly how you are describing you want yours. There are some walkthroughs you might want to digg around on this site. I am not super good at blender myself, I wish I could help more!

You could create a series of planes that have alphas and animated texture, then stack them up in the canyon.

You might also want to look at mist as well.

You could also try using a spotlight in a squareshape with a halo texture, that will get you a fake kind of volumetric. Place them down in the canyon.