Fog of war?

hi everybody i’m a eginner,iwondering how can i make fog of war with bge.
i’m going to make a space war game.

There are many ways you can go about this.

The best thing for you to do, is to learn more about Game Blender and Python, then learn how to spell. Actually, learn spelling first.

Depending on how you want to do it, if you are talking about an RTS, then unit visibility culling with python might be relevant to your task.

Good luck.

What is a fog of war?

Do you mean just mist (in which case its an option in the world tab)? Or do you mean fog of war like in the Blizzard games, where it blocks off places you haven’t been in a while so that you can’t see units there?

One solution for the latter is that you cover the screen with a subdivided plane, then when you want an area to fade, you set the vertex near whatever part you want to fade to be a UV coordinate of an alpha pattern which is semi-transparent.

To make units disappear, you would have to set them to invisible when they are under a dim section.

You can do this without python if instead of 1 plane you had a whole bunch with timers keyed to some unit passing through, and an IPO programmed to dim… and maybe make units under them respond to a near sensor, and they are only visible if they are near a part you can see? Probably possible without python, but simpler with.

I think that in this case we are talking about the kind of fog of war which you see in strategy games. The places you haven’t visited are black (fog of war) and when you go there, the fog disappears. If you have played advance wars, then you have experienced fog of war too ;).