Fog, that wonderful thing

I saw someone use fog in a blender game… how do you get fog? About as close as I can get to fog, is when the game stops rendering the scenery, but, oops, that is default… just curious, give me a jingle if anyone knows

I don’t know if it applies to games, but you can get fog in the regular rendering by hitting the world button (planet earth) then on the menu hit add new. There is a mist button, and controls like distance and height. You can also adjust the colour.

Holy crap! dang… I hate to ask the newb questions… live and learn, I am trying to maybe create a game in the future, so I am trying to learn a bunch of techniques… typo I think* anyway, thank you for the help, it worked… I could get fog before, just never thought it worked that way in game… thanks bud, DMBadFuz–

I’m glad it worked. That’s what we’re here for. We all have to learn from the beginning.