Foghorn Leghorn 3D Sculpt

Hey guys, i say hey guys! it’s OK?!
Here is the result of a study I did on modeling, in order to be able to further develop my look at shapes and volumes.
I ended up choosing the Foghorn Leghorn after watching Space Jam.
I did everything in blender, in version 3.0 alpha and rendered in cycles. working time: about 10 hours.
For modeling I was using a reference of the character already in the pose, then I was adding simple and large shapes to form the silhouette and then I refined them. sometimes going back and forth a part several times to be able to find the character and reference the size and spacing of the details.
In this part I had the help of my friend Daniel Carvalho where he gave me several feedbacks and tips on how to read and interpret the character’s forms.
I think it would look really cool printed in 3D <3 what do you think?


Incredible! :slight_smile:

very cool artwork, congrats

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Great one… Only miss dog which try to bite him. One of my favorite cartoons. Pheh… no one make such stuff these days.

Very well done ! Love it ! May I ask you the poly count?

Beautiful :heart_eyes:

Well I say, that’s cool, boy! :smiley:

Great work! :+1:

The memories!!! Thank you so much for taking us back. Like someone rightly said, no one makes these kind of cartoons any more…

This is beautiful work. I would love to be able to sculpt like this. Im not terrible at sculpting, but I still dont have a good methodology for when it comes to planning out a finished piece like this. Or for when it comes to retopology.
Would you care to give any insight? Any sources of inspiration? (other than the awesome cartoons from cartoon network lol)