Fokker D.VII - crossection

After Dreidecker - my next ww 1 work: crossection of Fokker D.VII for incoming Legends of Aviation in 3d book by Kagero Kagero. I’ve got permission to show few renders from 250’s pieces set. Here two and next two here


Wow, that is absolutely beyond beautiful. Amazing work, amazing render. The detail on that thing, I don’t even want to think of the hours that went into that… Craaazy. :smiley:

This is some of the finest work to appear here.

I thought, Wow, that is crazy cool! Then I checked out the link to the other two images… and discovered You put a wonderful new shine on the “Golden Era” while preserving the original patina. I can’t say enough. It’s great stuff man!

EDIT: Your Gloster Gladiator Mk.I is absolutely insane!

Amazing work, and the close up of the engine on your site is by far the best of them all!!!

I am curious about one thing: Where did you find reference images/blueprints for all that detail?? I mean I’m sure some details may not be 100% accurate, which is understandable. For example, on the wings, I’d know the leading edge & spar running cross wise down the width of the wing would be there, but all the little X braces between the ribs I would have never known they would be in there…


That cockpit, I don’t even do stuff like that when I get payed, I just reference it to other companies. The detail there is just crazy… So You need talent, passion, knowledge but most of all you need patience. I won’t say I have much of any of that but I can say I definetly don’t have the last thing, hehe…

Wow crazy details, congrats!

wow…my dream…:slight_smile:

As expected from you, another masterpiece.
And… the render engine is… modo?
*5 from me.