Fokker Dr 1

After a long absence from Blender I am back and spent this weekend modelling. This is a simple model of a Fokker Dr 1 with just simple materials. Details are those of a plastic model scale 1:72. I am planing to have this plane texture painted, which I still have trouble with. And the final composition should show the plane in flight through dense fighting fog and bullet hail.

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Just to keep myself and those interested of my progress.

Had to go through some tutorials of UV stuff as with 2.74.5 I again needed to learn new methods. Finally I understand again how this works.

The following tutorial was very helpful. Including the first modelling tutorial too. But I did this more for the painting.

Now I can with confidence UV texture map my own Red Baron.




Found some nice textures…another step…


And some more…


So…who can give me some pointers of how to add fog and grimm lighting?